Innovative and easy to use because you deserve the best.

Easily organize and share content as a card

folders files links integrations
  • Streamline all corporate communications into a single platform.
  • Add articles, spreadsheets, links, or files to Skarpline; then integrate your favorite project management, development or IoT applications.
  • Add internal or external contacts, create teams and determine who should have access. Communicating has never been easier. 

Flexible Access

  • Content owners are able to share to colleagues or entire teams by simply dragging and dropping selected content.  
  • Skarpline makes collaboration easy; work with an unlimited amount of internal or external contacts.

Perfectly Organized

  • Create and structure folders and cards based on your requirements.
  • Powerful search of all cards, folders and conversations means all digital content is readily available.

Get more Work Done with Focus Mode

  • Mute all cards and users for a specific period of time, meaning less digital distraction.
  • Allowing you to get more done. Perfect for those using Pomodoro – the leading time management technique.

A new way to communicate – Chat directly on any card.

  • Keep conversations where they belong by communicating directly on project links or files, instead of sending them separately in email.
  • Get new employees up to date on projects instantly with a single drag and drop.

Add any file, link or integration

Click on the card to open the chat page.

Chat with your team on individual files or web articles

Empower your workflow

  • Get real-time notifications from your favorite cloud applications and teams directly in Skarpline.
  • Integrate leading project management and development tools to optimize your workflow.

A Powerful Collaboration Platform

  • Skarpline has no cost up to 20 cards, which includes unlimited users, search and integrations.
  • For more than 20 cards, kindly see pricing below.

“Skarpline makes it extremely easy for startups who are looking to organize their business and streamline all communication into a single web app. It has tons of potential to be one of the best web app’s for startups and will, undoubtedly, be able to replace most forms of communication and file sharing that you currently use today”

Brian Fernandez

Bourge Design Co-founder