Everything Can Be Stored as a Card

One of the main features in Skarpline are cards. A card can be a File, Link, Integration or Folder. Here are some examples how they can look:





Skarpline automatically generate a visual preview of your files and website links where possible. This make the search for cards visual and fast.

Also use our powerful search function to quickly find your cards across folders.

Organize Your Work Any Way
You’d Like

Skarpline allows you to group files, links and integrations any way you’d like. Imagine grouping your Google Docs links with Microsoft Word files in a folder called Documents. That’s possible with Skarpline.

All you need to do is to create a folder in Skarpline and move your files, links and integrations to this folder. We don’t mind whether it’s a file, a link or integration. In Skarpline, they are all cards.

But that’s not all. When you group your cards in folders, we aggregate notifications to the parent folder level. By grouping in folders, you group both cards and notifications.

Here are a few examples how users organize their work:

Organize Twitter Cards

You might want to follow your own social profiles as well as competitors. Group them all in the same folder by creating a folder called Twitter and drag & drop your cards to the folder.

Organize Documents

Perhaps you use both Google Docs and Microsoft Office files. Add your files and links to Skarpline and create a folder called Documents.

Organize Articles and News

Perhaps you recieve and collect online articles from your colleagues. Create a folder called Inspiration and group them all here.

Organize Projects

You might run a project using Trello, Asana and Pivotal Tracker. Create a folder with the name of the project. Create the integration and add the cards to your project folder. That’s all you need to stay in sync with your project across cloud apps.

How are you organizing your cards? Show and tell us on on Twitter @Skarpline

Powerful Interactions between
Cards and Users

Sharing a file, link or even integration is easy. Drag your card to a user or group and let go – that’s it!

It is possible to share your cards with external contact (External contacts are persons outside your company account and organization). This can be consultants, freelancers, business partners and friends. Add them to Skarpline as external contacts, and you’re ready to share.

Here are a few ways you can share cards in Skarpline:

Drag a Card

  • – Go to the main page
  • – Drag a card to a user or a group

Drag a Folder

  • – Go to the main page
  • – Drag a folder with files that contain files, links and integrations to share this

Note: This folder remain synchronized with the users you shared it to. All new cards you add to the folder will be shared to the other users automatically.

Share from the Chat window

  • – Open a card from the Chat icon in the lower left of a card
  • – Click on the circular icon next to the person you would like to share the card to. This should add a checkmark for that user.
  • – Do this for the people you would like to grant access to the card.
  • – Click Save

Get the Most of Your Time with
Focus Mode

Skarpline enables you to focus your energy and focus on what really matters. How we do it is by using Focus Mode. Lots of Time Management techniques and Project Management approaches use similar methods to increase your efficiency. Skarpline takes it to the next level.

With Focus Mode enabled, we mute all notifications across users, cards, groups and integrations. It’s both easy to use and very powerful. You can also change the length of the focus mode from our default 25 minutes (like Pomodoro) and up to 3 hours. After this, you definitely deserve a break!

Start Focus Mode

  • – Go to your Personal Menu
  • – Select Start Focus Mode

Stop or Pause Focus Mode

  • – From the Menu, click the Stop or Pause icon
  • – If Paused, click the Resume icon to proceed.

Adjust the Time in Focus Mode

  • – Go to your Personal Settings
  • – Scroll to the Focus Mode Settings

Try the New Way to Communicate.
Chat Directly on Any Card

With Skarpline, you can chat directly on any card. For teams that use files and links, this can be a huge timer saver. Instead of attaching a file to an email you can now same time by communicating on the file itself. The more emails and versions you have, the more powerful and time saving Skarpline becomes. We make it easy to catch up on the latest changes and for new employees to get the history of what’s already been done. doro) and up to 3 hours.
After this, you definitely deserve a break!

Chat on Cards

  • – Go to the main page
  • – Click in the card
  • – Write and Press Enter

See Who has Access to a Card

The sidebar shows who has access to the card and will receive a notification of your post.

Note: Both internal and external people can be assigned a card and receive notifications.

Write Long-Form Messages

  • – Click on the Expand icon
  • – To add more lines, simply click Enter. Unlike in Short-Form Messaging, a press on Enter adds a line
  • – To post, you need to click on the Post icon.

Add Emoticons and GIFS. We have integrations to Giphy and Emoji + Our Own Designer Emoticons ; )

  • – Open the chat page of a card
  • – Click on the Emoticon icon
  • – Hold to make BIGGER
  • – Let go of the mouse to post