We are Now a Unicorn Startup

As a pre-launch startup, we’re happy to announce that we are now ‘finally’ a Unicorn!

An undisclosed investor has decided to invest a thousand US dollars in Skarpline. With an ownership of 0.0001% of the company, we now have a valuation of a $1 Billion.

That now makes us an official Unicorn! Or a Eurocorn since we’re based in Europe.

Skarpline is coming out of Stealth entering Invite-Only Early Preview phase. With press coverage from highly respected publicationsthe future for Skarpline looks promising.

We’re now joining the ranks of other unicorns, such as Slack (we do chat and integrations like you), Dropbox (we do files like you), Pinterest (we look like you) and GitHub (we love you).

In a recent board meeting, founder & CEO of Skarpline, Dan Storbaek, said: “The path is clear. We want to reach our milestone and become the next Decacorn. We have to shoot for the moon and hit the $10 Billion valuation”.

Since 2011, Skarpline has worked hard to become the next big thing. We have failed, pivoted, and risen once again. And just like the phoenix arose from the ashes of its predecessor, we too created a new bird logo after our first bird went down in flames.

With the latest news of newly injected cash to the company, we are now past the days of being a bootstrapped pony. We’ll now be able to get more top talent, traction and tequilas to the office.